2018 NBA Playoffs – Live Stream, Online

2018 NBA Playoffs – Live Stream, Online

Millions of fans tune in each year to watch the NBA playoffs. Some of the greatest players in the league take the big stage during that event. Fans have been watching their favorite teams all season long too. That adds some competitive flourish to the NBA playoffs too. Teams vie to dominate their opponents and capture the Larry O’Brien trophy. Franchises like the Celtics and Lakers have won their fair share of NBA titles. But new teams have emerged and want to start a dynasty of their own. It is an exciting time to be a basketball fan in these cities.

NBA Playoffs:

The NBA is regarded as the highest level of competition for basketball. It is a professional league and players are paid to dollar to get a chance to play. They are driven by a need to be the best and want to contribute to an ongoing effort. Teams play together and showcase why they deserve to be in the NBA playoffs. They are divided in to the Eastern and Western conferences for play. Teams are also divided in two divisions and ranked according to their win total. A win-loss record is used to determine who makes the NBA playoffs at the end.

Star players may be popular, but they are just part of the formula for winning teams. Coaches and fans can contribute in their own ways in the NBA. People watch to see big plays and scoring drives every game. That is why the NBA playoffs tend to be lucrative and watched by millions on television too. That attracts advertisements and revenue from all sources throughout the year. All parties look forward to the NBA playoffs and for a good reason. It is simply entertaining and makes the league a success. The playoffs typically start midway through April and finish in June.

NBA Playoffs Format:

The best team from each conference will be assigned a #1 seed. The worst team from each conference will be assigned a #8 seed. Playoff match ups are determined based on the team’s performance in the regular season. That starts assigning playoff pairings for teams that are following the action. NBA playoff match ups are highly anticipated for those in the know. That will encourage teams to play better during the regular season. Every team wants a higher seed because it gives them good odds of advancing. The best teams in the league typically get the top seeds.

Higher seeded teams also have the home court advantage. They will play a majority of games on their home court. Their fans and team culture seem to give them the competitive edge. The NBA playoffs are sure to be a big draw in the home town. That encourages home town teams to play well and win in the end. Teams with the #1 seed will get home court advantage throughout the course of the playoffs. The best team in the league could have home court during the NBA Finals. That offers incentive to play well all year long in the regular season.

The match up formats have changed recently overall. In 2014, the league opted to revert back to a certain structure of games. Every playoff match up will be 7 games overall. Teams will advance if they win the best of those 7 games. Home court will follow a 2-1-1-1 format, favoring the top seeded team. That was a big change from previous years in the league. The 2-3-2 format and five game lead in round have been changed since then. Fans are watching to see how that influences the game itself. The NBA will oversee progress made by all teams in the playoff format introduced.

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